Building social and skills capital

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And how I learned the same things for free.

(I’ll be sharing some of my knowledge in a free Notion workshop - RSVP here.)

P.S. I’ve been pretty privileged to have the time and money to have the experiences I do - but hopefully my story will inspire you to make time for what matters to you too.

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Social capital: shoot your shot

“I won’t get an interview because they ask for a portfolio and I don’t have one…but let me apply anyway.”

That’s what I thought to myself before getting the internship that changed my entire career.

“Should I apply to this job? Let me DM the CEO and ask him.”

That’s how uncertain I was before applying to my current job, which allows me to travel and work whenever I want.

(The CEO messaged me back saying “are you free for a call in 30 min?” 😂)

I wouldn’t have had the opportunities I had if I didn’t make them myself:

  • Cold DMing random people on LinkedIn

  • Finding (virtual) events to go to and emailing the speakers

  • Asking for help online (IG story + Twitter post)

  • Saying yes to things that scared me (public speaking, hosting events, starting a company with my friends)

All the people I met helped me get to where I am today.

But I never would’ve met them if I hadn’t shot my shot.

Skills capital: don’t do things half-heartedly

When I went vegan, I learned how to cook for myself.

Now I’m never scared of running out of options when travelling - I can make a delicious meal out of a $2 can of chickpeas.

When I didn’t know what to do with my psychology degree, I started learning UX design.

Now, UX principles help me with my full-time job and content business every day, even though I’m a marketer.

But I wasn’t always like this.

I used to be unsure about what I wanted.

“Maybe I’ll go into management consulting…I should DM some consultants and ask them for advice.”

Spoiler alert: I never sent those DMs.

And I still don’t know if I’d like management consulting…

Because I never really tried it.

So don’t be afraid to commit to trying something, even if it’s only for a few months.

Better to try it then move on after learning a new skill,

Than to be stuck with one foot out the door doing nothing.

“Your work is amazing, how did you make this?”

That’s what my previous boss - who doesn’t use Notion - told me after I showed her my Notion database.

And now I use Notion to document all my work.

I’m teaching you how to do the same, and my friend Alice will be teaching you how to plan your travels using Notion.

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