Day 29 habit challenge: temptation bundling

How to make consistency less intimidating

Day 29! Just 1 day away from the end of the challenge.

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P.S. yesterday, we learned how to use Hick’s law (complex decisions take more time) to stay consistent in our habits. Catch up on previous posts here.

What’s temptation bundling?

We’re more likely to do hard stuff when it’s combined with something tempting.

For example, the hassle of travel planning might be forgotten…

If you focus on the beautiful beaches and fun adventures of travelling.

How can you use it for your habits?

If you don’t look forward to going to the gym…

Pair it with a reward: a delicious smoothie after your workout.

Take it to the next level with randomization

People are more likely to be consistent when the reward isn’t 100% guaranteed (variable reward).

So put some “reward” vs “no reward today” paper slips in a box or digital list randomizer to pick from.

Grab a paper slip / use the randomizer every day after you do your habit,

And see whether you get a reward that day.

But you’ll only find out…

After you do your habit.

Example rewards you could put in your box

  • Drink a delicious smoothie

  • Watch a TV show (without guilt)

  • Treat yourself to a nice dinner at a restaurant

  • Get bragging rights

  • Spend time on a hobby you enjoy

  • Take a nice bath

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