Day 30 habit challenge: it's not over (yet)

How to stay consistent after this challenge

Last day of the challenge already 🥺

Any feedback would be appreciated - share your thoughts at the end of this email!

P.S. yesterday, we learned about temptation bundling (combining difficult habits with a reward) to stay consistent in our habits. Catch up on previous posts here.

Why isn’t it the end of the challenge?

The point of the challenge was to teach you skills you can use for the rest of your life to stay consistent.

So even though the first 30 days are done, I’m challenging you to continue it for another week (but without my emails).

And then another.

And keep going to see how long you can do it for.

(If you miss a day, that’s okay too - as long as you get back on the challenge.)

What’s next?

I’ll compile a list of the best lessons from every daily challenge email to send to you tomorrow.

So if you missed out on a few days, you can read the archive here or download the list tomorrow.

But after that, I’ll be charging for the challenge.

Not to make money, but because people feel like they have skin in the game if they put their money down.

(I’ll probably charge like $1.)

That’s why it would be super helpful if you could share feedback (good or bad) to help me improve ❤️

Just leave your thoughts below!

I appreciate you!

Feedback please? 🥺

How was the challenge?

Leave an honest review 🥺

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See you tomorrow!



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