The self-soothing framework to be happier

Reverse engineering how I think

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“How do you stay so positive?”

I get asked this a lot.

So today I’m breaking down how I think,

And how you can use my frameworks to live a happier life.

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Think of the last time you were scared to do something

Why were you scared?

For some people, it’s because the outcome is uncertain.

“What if I fail?”

Instead of focusing on negative outcomes…

Maybe you tried to look on the bright side of things.

“Here are all the reasons I won’t fail…it’s just imposter syndrome.”

But is that really the most effective way to reassure yourself?

Learn to accept failure

I do this by listing out all the reasons things will be okay if I fail at something.

Here’s my thought process:

  1. I self-soothe by telling myself it’s okay

  2. I ask myself what I learned, so I can improve for the future

  3. I feel more confident I’ll be okay regardless of the outcome

  4. I’m not as scared of doing the thing anymore

Example: starting my creator business

I was scared of judgment from others.

“What if my parents saw my silly little videos?”

I didn’t post for the longest time…


  1. I told myself it was okay (I could handle criticism)

  2. I asked myself if having a positive impact on others was more important to me than others’ judgment (it was)

  3. I realized I could develop my video editing and business skills

  4. I felt more excited than scared - especially because my friends said I inspired them

And my parents actually saw and liked all my videos…

So I asked them to also comment for the engagement 😂

“Your work is amazing, how did you make this?”

That’s what my previous boss - who doesn’t use Notion - told me after I showed her my Notion database.

And now I use Notion to document all my work.

I’m teaching you how to do the same, and my friend Alice will be teaching you how to plan your travels using Notion.

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