How to start time tracking

Tips to make it less overwhelming

If you find time tracking overwhelming but still want to try it, this is the email for you.

I’ll share:

  1. Why track your time

  2. Easy way to get started

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Why track your time?

“When you track everything, you forget to actually live.”

I get these comments a lot, but I have to disagree because:

  1. It made me more intentional about how I spent my time

  2. Starting a timer forces me to do something (i.e. get out of bed once I start the “bathroom” timer)

  3. It helps me set tangible, measurable goals

For example, if I want to exercise more, I’ll set my goal to increase time spent exercising from 1% to 3%. Then, at the end of every month, I see whether my habits are on track.

Easy way to get started

I custom built my time tracking system using Toggl Track (paid written tutorial here; free video tutorial here), but I found some apps that make it easy for you to get started. All apps are free with some premium features.

Easy way to get started with data visualizations to help you analyze where your time goes. You can set goals too.

You track your time at the end of every activity. Open up the app when you’re done an activity and it’ll ask you what you’ve been up to since the last time you opened the app.

The data viz in this app isn’t as advanced as ATracker.

This one is very simple and straightforward. It even allows you to share an image of your time tracking calendar.

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