Surprising learnings from my 8 year daily journal

From Jan 2015 to today

I’ve kept a daily digital journal since 2015.

It’s seen my high school years, my university years, and my transition into a digital nomad (17 countries and counting).

Today I’ll share why I do it, and what I’ve learned.

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Why keep a daily journal?

I always thought I had a bad memory, so I started my journal out of fear.

I was scared of:

  • Forgetting and losing important memories

  • Getting Alzheimer’s (so my journal would help me)

  • Letting life pass me by without reflecting on anything

Tips to keep a 8+ year journaling streak

I’ve had busy periods in my life.

Sometimes, I wouldn’t properly journal for a week.

Here’s what I did instead to make the process faster:

  • Typed down point form notes on the day (I’d type out the full entry later - like on the plane - because point form notes helped me remember)

  • Looked through my photos to jog my memory

  • Used Audionotes to transcribe my voice notes into entries

What I learned from daily journaling

How to improve my life

  • Processing what happens

  • Reliving my days/weeks - makes life feel slower like it’s not passing me by

  • Following up on things I said I’d do throughout the day but forgot about (until I journaled it)

  • Practicing gratitude

  • Remembering fun memories with friends to put in birthday cards

How to improve my skills

  • Better memory

  • Better writing/faster typing

  • Better speaking (noticed I cut out a lot of my "um” filler words when I started using voice-to-text journaling)

  • More mindfulness and self-awareness (reflected on what I liked/disliked and reminded me to live in the present)

“Your work is amazing, how did you make this?”

That’s what my previous boss - who doesn’t use Notion - told me after I showed her my Notion database.

And now I use Notion to document all my work.

I’m teaching you how to do the same, and my friend Alice will be teaching you how to plan your travels using Notion.

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